40 Days of Prayer

Both the Word (the sword of the Spirit) and prayer are essential parts of God's armor that we must put on in order to stand our ground against the evil one.

Each day there will one prayer focus and a chapter to read in the Bible. 

June 29 - Mark 1. Pray That our church will be open to, filled with and led by the Holy Spirit.

June 30 - Mark 2. Pray for boldness in our conversations with others... always bathed in love, quick to listen, slow to speak, highly intentional following the Holy Spirit's leading

July 1 - Mark 3. Pray that the Jesus followers at Maple Grove will have a deep hunger to read the Bible like never before

July 2 - Mark 4. Pray for Christians across the nation to unite against the great deceiver, by putting their fear aside

July 3 - Mark 5. Pray that Christians will be much more passionate about 'the cause of Christ' then they are for any other cause

July 4 - Mark 6. Pray for those who are risking and giving their lives for our freedom... military, law enforcement and their families.

July 5 - Mark 7. Pray for Christ and His Gospel to be preached with power, boldness and clarity in every church across the nation.

Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. – Romans 10:17